Our Companies

muse_logo_noTag1InteraXon is a Toronto-based company and innovator in the brain sensing technology field, designing meaningful and transformational experiences from a levitating chair to a thought controlled beer tap.  They have created Muse: the brain sensing headband.  It’s a brain fitness tool that includes a seven-sensor headband that detects and measures brain activity during guided training sessions—just as a heart monitor measures pulse rates during physical exercise.  Results are shown on a smart phone or tablet so users can understand and improve their minds over time, enabling them to do more with their minds.  You can purchase your Muse at http://www.choosemuse.com

logo PEAR Therapeutics is developing digitally-enhanced pharmaceuticals called eFormulations™, combining drugs with mobile apps, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, and predictive algorithms to create Combination Products with enhanced clinical efficacy.   The Company has identified a portfolio of opportunities where drug/software combinations have the opportunity to be more efficacious than the current standard of care, beyond just enhancing compliance.  PEAR has laid the groundwork to own the drug/software interface and develop a family of eFormulationsTM with best-in-class clinical efficacy by assembling a cross-functional team, in-licensing blocking IP, rolling-up the best, most validated digital health content, establishing the pathway for FDA approval, building a user portal, and forming an initial commercial partnership.


eMindful_Logo_9-24-2eMindful’s online, evidence-based programs target the biggest health cost drivers facing employers and consumers today – stress, obesity, chronic pain, smoking, cancer, and more. Their cost-effective online courses offer convenient access to an internationally acclaimed team of instructors, where participants can see, hear, chat and talk with each other and their instructors from home, the office or any location with Internet access.

Since 2007, their corporate partners have averaged savings of $8 for every $1 spent, reducing their healthcare costs and turning good health into great business. eMindful members have experienced exceptional personal results, including 22% improved sleep, 37% decrease in stress, 59% reversal of metabolic syndrome, and 40% stopped smoking. Learn how at eMindful.com.


Unknown Home to 5 million meditators, Insight Timer  aims to be the largest online community  of spiritual teachers and those who are interested in personal growth and spirituality.  The community enables students to identify appropriate teachers and follow their teachings.  It allows teachers to upload and manage & disseminate their teachings and manage student relationships.


Knowledge FactorKnowledge Factor’s amplifire is based on a wealth of research into the biochemical and psychological processes behind how the brain learns and forms memory from the fields of cognitive psychology, neurobiology and game studies.  Knowledge Factor has spent more than a decade delving deeply into this vast body of research from institutions around the world, and has applied this research to create a software platform that propels e-learning into the 21st century. The result is amplifire’s accelerated memory protocol – the world’s only learning application that can rapidly and systematically move large volumes of information into learners’ and students’ long-term memories and verify knowledge transfer.  Knowledge Factor is on a mission to provide learners and students around the world with the next generation of learning technology so that learners can study faster, learn better and remember longer. Knowledge Factor’s SaaS (Software as a Service) amplifire application is easy to understand, easy to use and easy to leverage for the betterment of learners and students everywhere.


logo_emailHappify is an innovative digital media company, led by a team of entrepreneurs that have built large scale global internet businesses with tens of millions of users. Their mission is to empower people to live happier, more fulfilling lives. Their activities and games are based on a decade’s worth of cutting-edge research by positive psychologists and neuroscientists from leading academic institutions around the world. Their proprietary framework is designed to train the brain and help people build skills for lasting happiness—delivering effective and measurable results.
Happify’s web and mobile app recommends daily activities that deliver the best results for users based on their goals. Through the Happify experience, users learn valuable skills to find more peace of mind and feel more engaged, motivated and excited about their futures. Best of all, Happify bridges the online and offline worlds, helping people apply these skills in their daily lives.

Gloo logo 2013.02.06 ColorGloo is a digital platform designed for people and enterprises who “champion” the personal growth of their users in wellness, spirit and relationship. Under their own brand, these “Champions” use the platform to scale and measure the growth of their users, publish original content, curate other Champion content and unleash the power of social sharing. Users engage with Champions, grow with friends and discover other relevant Champion content during the most critical time of their growth process…the gap between live interactions. The Gloo platform blends the best technology tools in customer relationship (CRM), content publishing (CMS), learning (LMS) and social marketing to create a scalable growth platform that enables co-creation and collaboration.

Gloo’s vision is millions of Champions leveraging a common platform transforming peoples’ stories worldwide.

MeetMindful_Logo_Vert_PurpleMeetMindful is a relationship platform that connects mindful people interested in personal growth in order to help them discover a fuller life. MeetMindful is for singles who value mindfulness in all of its expressions: spirituality, wellness, green living, fitness, being of service, higher consciousness, and the creative arts of body, mind, and spirit.

Whether you’re looking for friends, a partner, or someone who just “gets” you, MeetMindful is the meeting ground for your most life-changing and inspiring connections. We don’t create the magic moments; we create the space for you to make your own.

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 10.24.27 AMThe Oji Life Lab team came together around a shared aspiration: to unlock the best learning – from academia and beyond – to make a big difference in peoples’ lives.  Oji’s team’s backgrounds in high-tech, research psychology, corporate training, and psychotherapy allow them to explore ideas from every angle: learning science, performance research, adult learning, coaching, design, and tech.

While emotional intelligence is core to what we do, it is just the first Life Lab. We’re building a complete family of Life Labs that address the Universal Skills that are the foundation everything we do at work and in life, skills that are rarely discussed, let alone taught.

claritasbanner.jpgClaritas Mindsciences (formerly goBlue Labs) combines ancient wisdom about mindfulness with 21st century technology.  Their first product in a developing mindfulness based addictions portfolio is Craving to Quit,  a web/mobile-based smoking cessation program based on research conducted at Yale University, which showed that mindfulness was twice as effective in helping people quit smoking than the leading therapy.    Claritas is also developing an EEG-based neurofeedback device that will raise the efficacy of mindfulness training for addiction and other applications.

HEADSPACE_LOGO-300x82The Headspace team’s goal is to demystify meditation and make it accessible to anyone.  It’s meditation for the modern world.  Through taking a few minutes a day to find some Headspace, people around the world report getting more in touch with their inner world.  For many, this leads to less stress, improved wellness, heightened creativity and productivity, and happier lives.